Packable glass ionomer cement for anterior and posterior restorations as well as for core build-ups

Medifil IX is an immediately packable glass ionomer cement indicated for posterior restorations, fillings of deciduous teeth, core build-ups and suitable for the A.R.T.-technique.
Medifil IX  is a durable filling material in aesthetic shades which offers a similar packable and non-sticky consistency as amalgam. The material releases a continously high flow of fluorides which supports the prevention of secondary caries.
Medifil IX is available in application capsules.
INDICATIONS Permanent fillings of class I and II cavities in the posterior area of deciduous teeth
Cavity fillings of class I and II (not occlusion bearing) by means of tunnel preparation
Fillings of class V and cervical erosions
Core build-ups and build-up fillings
ADVANTAGES Excellent packable consistency - similar to the one of amalgam
Available in 3 shades (A1, A2, A3) for highly aesthetic requirements
High translucency  
Excellent radiopacity (250 % Al)
Low abrasion - high compressive and flexural strength
Long-lasting highly biocompatible filling material (no mercury / no resin): no allergies
Easy to handle and to apply
Art. No. 2624:
SET: 48 capsules, shades A1, A2, A3, 3 ml Copal Varnish LC, shade guide, accessories
Art. No. 2625:          48 capsules, shade A1
Art. No. 2617:          48 capsules, shade A2
Art. No. 2626:          48 capsules, shade A3