Medfill IX forte
Radiopaque glass ionomer bulk filling material

Medifil IX forte span style="color:#595959;"> is a glass ionomer bulk filling material, which convinces by its easy application: It can be modelled immediately after insertion, as it does not stick to the instrument and remains stable. Moreover, the product's consistency can be adjusted by the variation of the mixing time.
In addition,convinces by its good physical properties like compressive strength, high abrasion resistance or good radiopacity. The perfect marginal adaption is another important product benefit.
The presentation in the new application capsules allow an easy activation and application:
Medifil IX forte can be activated without an activator. The capsule can be activated by simply pressing it down on a hard surface (e.g., table) using your hand. As a result, the liquid plunger is pushed into the powder chamber, thus bringing powder and liquid together. The ensuing mixing in a capsule mixing device at a (mixing) frequency of 4,000 to 4,500 oscillations per minutes mixes powder and liquid perfectly. Right after the mixing process, the application capsule can be inserted into an applicator and is ready to use: Simply lift the cannula until you feel a stop and apply the material directly into the cavity. Due to the capsule's design, it is also perfectly usable for difficult to reachable areas.
INDICATIONS Restorations of class I cavities (not occlusion bearing)
Cavity fillings of class I and II (not occlusion bearing) by means of tunnel preparation
Restorations of class V cavities
Restorations of cervical lesions
Restorations of root caries
Restoration of deciduous teeth
Temporary restorations
ADVANTAGES By a variable mixing time the product's consistency can be adjusted
The modulation is possible right after the insertion and the product does not stick to the instrument
Perfect marginal adaption and easy application (Easy activation without the need of an activator)  
The new capsule design is perfect for smaller cavities and areas in the mouth which are difficult to reach
High compressive strength and abrasion resistance
Item No.2607
SET: 50 capsules (shades 10 x A1, 10 x A2, 30 x A3)
  Item No. 2608 50 capsules, shade A1
  Item No. 2609 50 casules, shade A2
  Item No. 2610 50 capsules, shade A3