Etching gel

is an etching agent for the acid-etch-technique which contains 35% phosporic acid. Its blue colour enables a better visual control.
is available as a gel in a syringe for the direct application. Due to this thicker consistency, dentists are able to etch more exactly.Even punctual applications are possible.
INDICATIONS Cica is intended to etch only that part of the enamel and of the dentine (in total-etch-technique), which will be covered by a composite material:
  • in case of composite fillings
  • in case of adhesive fixing of Maryland bridges, inlays, brackets and temporary splinting
  • in case of sealing for caries prophylaxis
  • in case of linings to create a fixed bond
ADVANTAGES Contains 35% phosphoric acid
Good visibility due to the blue colour
Thick consistency of the gel for a punctual and exact application  
Syringe for direct application
Art. No. 2429:           5 ml syringe etching gel