Promedica : Urbical

Urbical Self-curing calcium hydroxide Urbical is a self-curing calcium hydroxide paste / paste system with a flowable consistency.The material is indicated for indirect pulp capping and as a cavity liner under all filling materials.
The product is easy to apply and allows a sufficient working time as well as a short setting time in the mouth. Due to its comparably high pH-value Urbical is acid resistant and thus provides excellent pulp protection.
INDICATIONS For indirect pulp capping
  As a liner under dental filling materials
ADVANTAGES Easy to mix and to apply
Sufficient working time and short setting in the mouth
High radiopacity for a good diagnostic control  
Contains 45% calcium hydroxide
Recovering of the pulp - preservation of vitality
High pH-value (11.3)
Strongly acid resistant
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2441:          13 g base, 11 g catalyst, mixing pad