PROMEDICA : Provilat
Temporary eugenol-free luting cement

Provilat is an eugenol-free luting cement for the temporary attachment of crowns, bridges and inlays as well as for temporary sealing.
As the material contains calcium hydroxide to support the preservation of tooth vitality, it should only be applied to moistened teeth.
is available in tubes as well as in practical auto-mix syringes with extra small mixing tips.
INDICATIONS For temporary attachments of crowns, bridges and inlays
  For temporary sealing of small occlusal cavities
ADVANTAGES Eugenol-free thus low allergy potential
No risk to use with composite material
Contains calcium hydroxide
Good adhesion of temporary restoration
Easy removal by cooling with ice spray
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2444:          25 g base, 25 g catalyst in tubes
  Art. No. 2535:          5 ml auto-mix syringe