PROMEDICA : Provifil
Temporary crown and bridge material in cartridges

Provifil is a time-saving and economical one-component material suitable for all kinds of temporary fillings and sealing, especially when applying the inlay and onlay technique for temporary work.
Due to a slight swelling effect Provifil seals the preparation safely for several weeks.

Provifil The elastic consistency assures an easy removal in one piece even in case of undercuts:
easy application
uncomplicated removal in one piece
INDICATIONS For temporary protection in inlay and onlay technique
ADVANTAGES Fast and easy application without waste
Transparent: high depth of curing
Easy to model, fast to cure
Slight swelling effect: safe marginal tightness
Safe seal for several weeks
High elasticity
Highly advantageous after root-canal treatment
Uncomplicated removal in one piece
No damage of the preparation
Natural fluorescence
Available in 4 different VITA-shades
No unpleasant taste or smell - excellent biocompatibility
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2537:          2 x 4 g syringes