PROMEDICA : Meditray
Light-curing tray material

Meditray is a ready-for-use light-curing and pre-contoured resin plate for the simple and economical production of wax models and individual trays. The transparency of the material allows a very exact and material saving modelling.Meditray is odourless, does not stick and is distinguished by a high transverse strength and a high bending module. The material cures within 5 minutes under halogen or UVA-light.
INDICATIONS For fabrication of individual trays for use in crown, bridge and total prosthetic technique
  For the fabrication of bases of bite patterns and odontograms
  For base plates for wax contouring in the total prosthetic technique
ADVANTAGES Highly effective combination of sodium and calcium fluorides
FReady-for-use: fast and easy application
Transparent varnish: no discolouration of the teeth
Fast drying, immediately desensitising
Intensive remineralisation of enamel
Long-lasting insulation against thermal, chemical and mechanical influences
Highly economical: up to 300 applications per 4 g
Excellent biocompatibility: free of methacrylate and glutaraldehyde
Compatible with whitening treatment: reduces sensitivities without interference with the bleaching process
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2725:          10 ml tube, melon flavour