PROMEIDCA : Medibond
Glass ionomer lining cement

Well tolerated by the pulp, Medibond is ideal to be used for the cementation of fibre-reinforced, metal and ceramic posts into the root canal.
The thin intraoral tip permits a fast and easy cementation of endodontic posts directly into the root canal without any problems.

Medibond adheres chemically to dentine and enamel and provides excellent stability for the sandwich technique. It is radiopaque and releases fluorides for a long period of time to prevent the formation of secondary caries.
INDICATIONS For cavity linings
  For core build-ups
ADVANTAGES No phosphoric acid or monomers
Self-adhesion to dentine and enamel
Dentine shaded  
High compressive strength
High fluoride release: prevention against secondary caries
Tooth-like thermal expansion
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2435:          10 g powder, 15 ml liquid