PROMEDICA : Fluoraphat pro
Dental desensitising varnish

Fluoraphat pro is a dental desensitising varnish which seals dentinal tubuleseffectively. Due to calcium fluoride deposits on the tooth surface a protection from acid attacks is provided.and the remineralisation is activated.
Fluoraphat pro offers the possibility to seal dentine tubules after cavity preparation and dentine tubules on sensitive root surfaces in an easy way.Moreover, it is not necessary  to dry the tooth surfaces as Fluoraphat pro also adheres on wet surfaces very well.
INDICATIONS Fast desensitising of hypersensitive dentine.
  Sealing of dentinal tubules after cavity preparation
  Sealing of dentinal tubules on sensitive root surfaces
  Treatment of cervical areas, e.g. after calculus removal or professional cleaning
ADVANTAGES Fast desensitising
Fluoride release (5% NaF ≙ 22,600 ppm fluoride)
Protection from acid attacks
Easy application on wet surfaces as well
Perfect aesthetics: white-transparent tooth colour
Pleasant melon flavour
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2725:          10 ml tube, melon flavour