PROMEDICA : Fluodica 10 duo plus
Fluoride varnish for deep fluoridation against hypersensitivities

Fluodica 10 duo plus is a ready-for-use, highly effective fluoride varnish which is especially suited for accelerated remineralisation. It protects against secondary caries after restorations, particularly after using the etching technique and inserting bridges, crowns and inlays.  .The varnish is easy to apply and adheres perfectly to enamel and dentine, especially in sites of predilection of caries such as fissures and approximal surfaces.With an unique combination of sodium and calcium fluorides
Fluodica 10 duo plus insulates immediately and durably from thermal, chemical and mechanical influences.
Fluodica 10 duo plus The transparent, thinly applied varnish is highly economical - up to 300 applications per  4 g - and does not compromise the aesthetics. Unlike conventional desensitising preparations,
Fluodica 10 duo plus contains neither methacrylate nor gluteraldehyde.
INDICATIONS Treatment of all kinds of hypersensitivities including:
  Sensitivities in cervical areas and at crown margins
  Sensitivities after professional cleaning and calculus removal
  Sensitivities after preparations, etching and/or grinding
  Cracks in the enamel caused by accidents
  Defective (demineralized) enamel
  Dentine protection or lining under amalgam fillings
  Before whitening therapy
ADVANTAGES Highly effective combination of sodium and calcium fluorides
FReady-for-use: fast and easy application
Transparent varnish: no discolouration of the teeth
Fast drying, immediately desensitising
Intensive remineralisation of enamel
Long-lasting insulation against thermal, chemical and mechanical influences
Highly economical: up to 300 applications per 4 g
Excellent biocompatibility: free of methacrylate and glutaraldehyde
Compatible with whitening treatment: reduces sensitivities without interference with the bleaching process
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2725:          10 ml tube, melon flavour