Light-curing pit and fissure sealant with fluorides

Fisseal is a ready-for-use light-curing pit and fissure sealant on composite base for the caries prophylaxis. The one-component material with excellent flow properties and low viscosity ensure a time and material saving application, as well as a durable adhesion to the enamel. The materials contain a high amount of fluorides thus it supports the   remineralisation process. Moreover, it's white colour permits an easy visual control.
INDICATIONS Sealing / filling of pits and fissures as well as small cavities .
  Sealing / filling of damaged enamel surfaces
  Sealing of carious lesions to stop them
  Restoration of small defects in composite and amalgam fillings
  Sealing of deciduous teeth
  Sealing composite or cement fillings (protective layer against humidity)
  Anchoring orthodontic appliances and covering caries predilection sites during orthodontic treatments
ADVANTAGES One-component material ready-for-use
Direct, fast and economical application
Extra small and bendable application tips
Excellent flow properties and low viscosity
Perfect marginal tightness
High stability: suitable for chewing surfaces
0% water solubility
Continuous fluoride release
White for visual control
  Art. No. 2472:          2 x 2 ml syringe, application tips
  Art. No. 2637:          application tips, 100 pieces