Copal Varnish LC
Light-curing varnish for sealing glass ionomer cements

Copal Varnish LCis our special varnish for the safe surface sealing of glass ionomer fillings. It protects glass ionomer fillings against humidity during the setting phase  and prevent them from drying too fast. Additionally, Copal Varnish LC could be cured within 10 seconds under halogen light, which helps the dentist to save time.
INDICATIONS Protection of glass ionomer surfaces against humidity and dehydration immediately after placing the filling
  Sealing of cervical margin of cementations immediately after removal of excess material
  Sealing of linings/build-up fillings before taking impressions
ADVANTAGES Easy and fast application
Safe and durable sealing
Smoothing of the surface
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2619:           3 ml liquid, light-curing