PROMEDICA : Composan Glitter
Light-curing coloured compomer filling material with glitter effect

Composan glitter is a universal light-curing compomer filling material for the restauration of deciduous teeth.
The special aspect of Composan glitter is its availability in 6 attractive coulours with a glitter effect. Therefore, it offers a perfect solution for nervous or frightened  children: The possibility of choosing a colour and the anticipation of a funny and extraordinary result improves the motivation and co-operation of little patients.
Based on PROMEDICA's proven compomer technology Composan glitter shows excellent physical properties. Moreover, the high fluoride release supports the prevention of secondary caries.
 Composan glitter is available in practical 0.25 g caps (compatible with all applicators) for a quick and easy application.
INDICATIONS Fillings in deciduous teeth
ADVANTAGES 6 attractive glittering colours
Fast and direct application
Excellent polishability to high brilliance  
Fluoride release against secondary caries
Colour guide with original material
Excellent physical values
Excellent adhesion to dentine and enamel in combination with Compobond NE
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2690: 40 x 0.25 g caps (shades 5 x A2, 10 x A3, 5 x A3.5, 10 x A4, 5 x B3, 5 x C2), 8 ml Compobond NE, shade guide, accessories<  
Art. No. 2691: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A2  
Art. No. 2692: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A3  
Art. No. 2693: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A3.5  
Art. No. 2694: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A4  
Art. No. 2695: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade B3  
Art. No. 2696: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade C2