Composan Glass
Light-curing filling material

Composan Glass combines the advantages of glass ionomer cements and composites. Due to its excellent translucency and the high colour stability

Composan glass meets the highest aesthetic standards. Additionally, it is easy to model and can be polished to a high gloss.Moreover,

Composan glass convinces by its excellent physical properties such as high abrasion resistance and compressive strength.The continuous fluoride release is another benefit of Composan glass
INDICATIONS Fillings of deciduous teeth
Class V fillings
cervical caries, root erosions, V-shaped defects)
Facetting of discoloured anteriors
Class III fillings
Temporary fillings of class I and II
Extended fissure sealing
ADVANTAGES Perfect modelling and polishing properties
High abrasion resistance
High compressive and transverse strength  
Exellent colour stability
Good translucency
Continuous fluoride release
Excellent adhesion to dentine and enamel with Compobond NE, shade guide, accessories
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2690: 40 x 0.25 g caps (shades 5 x A2, 10 x A3, 5 x A3.5, 10 x A4, 5 x B3, 5 x C2), 8 ml Compobond NE, shade guide, accessories<  
Art. No. 2691: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A2  
Art. No. 2692: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A3  
Art. No. 2693: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A3.5  
Art. No. 2694: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A4  
Art. No. 2695: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade B3  
Art. No. 2696: 25 x 0.25 g caps, shade C2