PROMEDICA : Composan Ceram
Glass ceramic micro-hybrid composite

Composan ceram is our packable light-curing micro-hybrid composite for long lasting and perfect fillings of anterior and posterior teeth, the repair of veneers,core build-ups and composite inlays.
Due to its high amount of mini fillers (73 w/w %)offers excellent physical properties (like high colour stability, high translucency, low shrinkage (<2,5 Vol. %) and a low abrasion)
The availability in 8 different VITA shades guarantee an excellent colour adaptation. Furthermore, the material can be polished to a perfect high gloss. Thus, restorations of natural beauty are ensured.
is available in 4 g syringes and in pre-filled caps of 0.25 g for a direct and fast application.
INDICATIONS Fillings of class I to V
Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors
Veneering of discoloured anteriors
Colour and shape corrections for better aesthetic appearance
ADVANTAGES Universal for all cavity classes
Comfortable handling, easy modellation
Nano-reinforced ceramic particles  
Special resin matrix
Significantly less free monomers
Exceptional aesthetics
Perfect translucency and colour adaptation
Durable, long-lasting restorations
Outstanding adhesion to tooth substance in combination with
Compobond 1
Perfect permanent marginal tightness
Packable consistency
Superior colour stability: no discoloration
Excellent translucency
Perfect adaptation to the natural tooth shade
Polishable to extreme brilliance
High radiopacity

Art. No. 2760:
SET: 7 x 4 g syringes A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3, C2, O (opaque), 4 ml Compobond 1, 5 ml Cica, shade guide, accessories
  Art. No. 2761:            4 g syringe, shade A1
  Art. No. 2762:            4 g syringe, shade A2
  Art. No. 2763:            4 g syringe, shade A3
  Art. No. 2764:            4 g syringe, shade A3.5
  Art. No. 2766:            4 g syringe, shade B2
  Art. No. 2767:            4 g syringe, shade B3
  Art. No. 2768:            4 g syringe, shade C2
Art. No. 2770:            4 g syringe, shade O
Art. No. 2710:
SET: 40 x 0.25 g caps (5 x A1, 10 x A2, 10 x A3, 5 x A3.5, 5 x B2, 5 x B3), 4 ml Compbond 1, shade guide, accessories
  Art. No. 2711:          25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A1
  Art. No. 2712:          25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A2
  Art. No. 2713:          25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A3
  Art. No. 2714:          25 x 0.25 g caps, shade A3.5
  Art. No. 2715:          25 x 0.25 g caps, shade B2
  Art. No. 2716:          25 x 0.25 g caps, shade B3