PROMEDICA : Compobond 1
Light-curing one-step dentine and enamel bond

Compobond 1 is a light-curing one-bottle / one-step bonding system  of the 5th generation which can be used with all light-curing restorative materials on a composite basis (including materials with glass ionomer contents).
In combination with the total-etch-technique
Compobond 1 has the same excellent adhesion values as a two-bottle-system but with a lower work input and in a shorter  time.

The polyfunctional monomers allow stress resistance against shearing forces, polymerisation tension and guarantee a durable marginal tightness.

Moreover, Compobond 1 tolerates residual moisture and allows "wet-bonding".
INDICATIONS Bonding for direct restorations of all filling classes with light-curing restorative materials
ADVANTAGES Time-saving application - just etch, apply and cure with light
No mixing errors
High elasticity: stress resistance against shearing forces and polymerisation tension  
Durable marginal tightness
Stick-immediately-effect: material sticks to the bond and not to the instrument
Very high adhesion values
Safe and long-lasting adhesion
Art. No. 2490:          SET: 4ml liquid, 5 ml Cica and accessories
  Art. No. 2676:          4 ml liquid