Promedica : Composan Protect

Light-curing desensitising varnish

Composan protect is our light-curing desensitising varnish for an immediate and permanent treatment of hypersensitivity. Due to the intensive deep sealing of exposed root dentines. Composan protect reduces the stimulus transfer significantly. reduces the stimulus transfer significantly. Moreover, tubules are permanently sealed.Thus, hypersensivity is eliminated.
The highly effective fluoride-releasing desensitiser is distinguished by excellent abrasion resistance as well as a safe adhesion.

Due to its transparency a discolouration of the theeth is avoided which enables a natural looking result
INDICATIONS Treatment of hypersensitive dentine .
  Treatment of cervical areas . (including crown margins, after tooth cleaning or tartar removal, exposed cervical areas following surgery etc.)
ADVANTAGES Easy and economical application
Permanent sealing of tubules
Significant reduction of stimulous transfer through intensive deep sealing of exposed root dentines
Special filler technology for high abrasion proofness
Permanent bond between ceramic and composite
Safe adhesion
Continuous fluoride release
Excellent biocompatibility
Art. No. 2424:         
4.5 ml varnish, micro application brushes, brush holder