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Bms Cleanmed Instruments

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-Cleanmed Instruments is an Aldehyde-free disinfecting concentrate for instruments, burs and endodontic instruments.
-99% Biodegradabile.
-Easy handling with high dosage accuracy.
Its effectiveness is tested against a wide spectrum of organisms.
Directions for Use: -2% or 4% solution.
-2% Solution: Add 20 ml to 1 liter of clean water.
-Minimum soaking time: 5 minutes (virucidal, bactericidal) -15 minutes (fungicidal).
-Do not exceed recommended soaking times.
-After disinfection, rinse instruments thoroughly with RO or distilled water.
-4% Solution: add 40 ml to 1 liter of clean water.
-Use a 4% solution for heavily soiled items.
-Change the solution weekly or daily dependent on the level of use, if physical dirt is showing in the solution change sooner.
-Do not use on alloyed materials, malleable iron or aluminum casting parts e.g. citoject syringe etc.
-Made in Italy

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