One component temporary filling material

Provit, the ideal temporary filling material, is ready to use and does not have to be mixed.

Provit is a safe material based on resins and has no harmful effect on the pulp.

Provit is soft when applied and thus avoids compression.

Provit hardens rapidly in the cavity in the presence of saliva.

Provit has excellent stability in the mouth, and provides a hermetic sealing of the cavity margins.

Provit will not harden in the jar.

Directions for use:

Take out the quantity of the product required and then be sure to close completely. In the case of especially exposed cavities, allow a few minutes for the hardening of the product placed in the cavity.

Provit is available in box of 6 jars each 28 g.
07-100 Contains:
Zinc oxide
Zinc sulphate
Potassium sulphate
Methacrylic complex

LAMEL is supplied in a kit with 1 syringe 6 g + 10 Tips Tips available separetly
Film thickness: 10 microns Adhesion to etched human enamel*:
1200 psi (8.3 MN/m2)
Relative adhesion to gold*:
09-10 Hardness (Barcol): 88
Diametrical tensile strength at 30 min: 4200 psi (29 MPa)
Compressive strength at 30 min: 24,000 psi (165 MPa)
Working time (23C/73F)**: 180 seconds
Setting time (23C/73F): max. 5 min
Solubility in water: below 0.2% pH: neutral alumna. Relative to the adhesion of Zinc Phosphate Cement taken as 1. Data for other cements: glass ionomer 4-4.5 polycarboxylate cement 6-7.5. ** Curing time may be prolonged by refrigerating the material just before use.